Brands as publishers: the top 5 takeaways

What do publishers and brands have in common? Stories and conversation.

Brand marketers are adopting a publishing mindset to attract more visitors to their websites and engage audiences with content. Perhaps that’s why so many marketers are taking cues from the publishing world to evolve from advertisers to content producers.

While there is much to cover on this topic, we’re hitting the high points with these five tips for making the shift to a publishing mindset.
1. Tell stories that matter.

A brand needs to tell a compelling story using just an image or a piece of copy. It’s the ultimate flash fiction challenge.


2. Think of content as commerce.

Authors provide the content necessary to fuel their readers’ imaginations. Content writers provide the information needed to imagine a product’s widespread commerce.


3. Meet audience where they are.

“Your clients aren’t stationary. You shouldn’t be, either.”-Shafqat, NewsCred
There are roughly 2.5 billion Facebook users; 330 million Twitter users; 600 million LinkedIn members. The Internet is the place to be if you’re trying to gather an audience. Pack your metaphorical bags and get online to find your brand’s future market.


4. Build an affordable, sustainable content strategy.

An effective strategy doesn’t have to break the budget. In fact, the most sustainable approach is “create once, publish everywhere” with original content as the cornerstone. Anything more is unaffordable; anything less is ineffective. Find the balance.


5. Be a platform for action.

Promotion from a strong platform, one that fosters community and inspires action, makes a brand stand apart from its competitors. The best stories are the ones that leave us wanting to step up to the plate and do our part. Be that type of brand, tell that type of story.

We know that a brand is important, especially to the company it represents. However, it isn’t the most important aspect of a product. The audience and its perception of your company are key to a successful brand. Without the support of that audience, your brand could become a dusty book on an even dustier shelf.

Feature Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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