“We need to change how businesses think about the Internet.”

We can do that.

Telemetri: Data and analytics provider

Visualizing the Internet.

The Internet is more than just one big network. There are over 90,000 individually connected networks, and any one of them could pose a business or security risk to a company. Telemetri provides the only source of honest, corroborated data on 98% of the Internet – from physical locations, to global corruption scores, and other proprietary qualifiers.

They asked ADG to introduce this concept to their market and break misconceptions about how the Internet works.

moodboards and color exploration

A storytelling approach

Strategists, designers, and motion video specialists engaged with subject-matter experts through workshops and interviews to get to the human aspect of how the Internet actually operates and how Telemetri’s unique dataset and intelligence offering could provide an edge to the market. ADG’s team mapped out a compelling flow using traditional filmmaking plot and narrative structures, and illustrated the abstract concepts with unique visual elements.

storyboard sketches
styleframe designs

Dramatic outcomes

Telemetri’s sales organization was equipped with a gripping explainer video that went beyond mainstream stock animation and provided an emotional connection to the benefits of their offering while creating uncertainty and doubt about proceeding without it. It has been extremely well received and garnered attention in the marketplace.

final video