“We need to overcome the misconception that we’re merely a small integration subcontractor and shine like the uniquely-credentialed and capable, prime-contract supply chain risk leader that we are.”

We can do that.

CyberCore Technologies: Risk management solutions company serving government and commercial clients

Standing out in a crowded market.
CyberCore Technologies

Well-known as a federal subcontractor for their superb and customer-driven integration work, CyberCore’s robust secure supply chain risk management capability, including several valuable ISO Standard certifications, were not as prominently recognized.

They asked ADG to rebrand the firm as a premiere secure supply chain provider and position them to capture more prime contractor work in the Secure Supply Chain marketplace. The new brand needed to target both current clients and employees, and also prospective clients and employees as they pursued an aggressive prime business and recruiting pipeline.

final CyberCore Technologies logo
logo exploration and visual language development
left: office installation / top right: custom photography / bottom left: campaign concept development
website design and graphic details
pop-up banner stands

A service-driven brand approach

The concept of service and CyberCore’s strong ties to national security, support of our nation’s warfighters, plus previous military service in a large portion of their employee base led to the development of a “Driven to Serve” theme. This played well with their unique secure freight and delivery service, most visible through their fleet of branded delivery vehicles. Moving forward with brand language centered on “service” and “drive”, and with high-level corporate value propositions in place, we created a people-forward visual brand that was friendly, but conveyed a sense of maturity and cachet. It focused on CyberCore’s thought-leadership and the excellence delivered by their outstanding workforce. We provided a brand platform, including messaging, logos, and visual assets, in addition to web design, capabilities collateral, and mobile banners to support their new identity as a world-class and singular Supply Chain Risk Management leader.

Delivering the right end-product for the objective

Part of CyberCore’s requirements was a re-designed capabilities presentation. Rather than simply giving it a facelift, we held a session with their sales stakeholders to find out how they were using the current deck and what reactions they were getting. We discovered that they rarely presented their capabilities deck on screen – opting instead to print modified copies for every prospect meeting. Our designers and strategists proposed a modular print collateral piece could be partially professionally printed and supplemented with custom inserts based on flexible templates we designed. In this way, they could present a bespoke experience for every prospective client meeting.

left: presentation folder / right: brochure

Driving results

CyberCore is growing its practice and seeing great response to the initial brand relaunch. They have surpassed their recruiting goals for the year and have expanded their engagement with ADG.