Easy is for other firms.

Reaching hard-to-reach audiences.

Humanizing technically complex concepts.

Enabling critical decisions.

And other cool stuff we’re not allowed to talk about.

Yeah. We can do that.

Hi, we’re ADG.

We’re a full-stack creative studio, uncomplicating brand and business stories for commercial and public-sector clients for nearly 30 years. With every project, we sharpen our skills and learn a little more about engaging audiences.

We’re much more than just a “make-it-pretty“ shop. We’re putting an end to complicated messages, and indecisive and confused audiences, one project at a time.

Collaborative Brainstorm Session
Big stakes,
bigger wins.

It’s about challenges.

There’s hard stuff, and there’s complex, make-or-break, mission-critical hard stuff.

Our clients have unique needs—from launching emerging technology to presenting complex subject matter to enabling quick-response national security decisions.

ADG team members working in a common area
ADG team working together in the library

It’s about simplicity.

The most critical information doesn’t matter if an audience doesn’t understand it.
Value and opportunity are lost when marketing and messages become overcomplicated. Clients turn to us because we deliver the important information, with simplicity and clarity. That doesn’t mean we “dumb it down,” it means we get it right.

Complex doesn’t have to mean confusing.

Euler Hermes North America Sample Image

Insurance to be excited about.

Trade credit insurance isn't exactly a household topic, yet. See how we helped Euler Hermes North America, the world's leading provider, introduce themselves to a new market (and make it exciting and easy to understand).

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We can do that.

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you don’t even know where to start, we can help get you where you’re going. Our team of strategists, designers, developers, and writers will identify and create solutions that amplify messages and engage markets.

Our disciplines include:

Brand Strategy

Your brand is the consistent identity stakeholders, customers, and internal audiences engage with daily. We devise strategies for clear and effective communications and provide you a toolbox of campaigns, messages, and assets.

Graphic Design

Using images, illustrations, layouts, color, and typography, our multi-functional design team provides the visual elements necessary for compelling brands. Sales collateral, print and digital displays, information graphics, environmental design, you name it, you got it.

Web + Digital

Your website or application design must be as deliberate as possible to attract and entice viewers. We leverage user-centered design and the latest UI/UX trends to create state-of-the-art solutions that persuade and guide users to engage with your message.


Motion is an effective way to captivate an audience. Your message is amplified through the art and technique of sound, performance, and animation; crafted in our fully-equipped studio by a team of storytellers. We can take your story, and set your future into action.


Long form, short form, social, editorial, articles, blogs, scripts—all content. Our team of word, thought, and data lovers work together to give your content meaning and engage your audiences, while never losing sight of to whom (fancy grammar alert!) we’re talking, what content will resonate the most, and your goals and results.

Sound good?

Let us know what you need and we’ll get to work.

Reach Out

Visualizing the Internet.

Data and analytics provider Telemetri can tell you all about your network’s connections. They turned to us for an explainer video that makes a complex topic like the Internet seem pretty simple.

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It’s about tension.

A little tension brings out the best in every creative solution, so we’re a little pushy.

We’ll push you outside of your comfort zone and push each other towards excellence. We’re not afraid to have hard conversations because that’s what it takes to create a frictionless experience for your audience.

You can’t have fire without sparks.
ADG team collaboration
DTRA Keynote Presentation

Breaking Boundaries for Good.

When the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) asked ADG to design and execute a keynote presentation for their biannual chem/bio conference, we asked, “Why limit the presentation to only the screen?”

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is everything.

It’s about people.

We are an ask-the-tough-questions, get-to-the-bottom, stick-to-it studio full of relentless creatives.

Many of us came out of the same trenches as our clients, which is why we have such an unquenchable thirst to tell their stories. We bring a depth of experience, passion for communication, and deliberate approach to creating supremely rewarding and engaging experiences for your audiences.

ADG Work Space
Oh, hello.

Meet our team of creatives.

These are the people who will be tackling the challenges you bring to us.

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Alex Kobus, Content Strategist
Alexandra Kobus

Content Strategist

Amanda Moreau, Senior Designer
Amanda Moreau

Senior Designer

Brian Thomas, Senior UX/UI Designer
Brian Thomas

Senior UX/UI Designer

Chelsea Jamerson, Designer
Chelsea Jamerson


Christina Melito, Associate Creative Director
Christina Melito

Associate Creative Director

Chuck Hudson, Art Director
Chuck Hudson

Art Director

Evan Davis, President
Evan Davis


Evan Lazoff, Motion Designer
Evan Lazoff

Motion Designer

Jamie Klemp, Director of Operations
Jamie Klemp

Director of Operations

Jeff Kasakitis, Associate Vice President of Strategy
Jeff Kasakitis

Associate Vice President of Strategy

Jen Atwood, Agency Coordinator
Jennifer Atwood

Agency Coordinator

Joel Benge, Strategist
Joel Benge


Joel Loukus, Motion Director
Joel Loukus

Motion Director

Josh Beck, Project Manager
Josh Beck

Project Manager

Julie Schmitt, Facilities Coordinator
Julie Schmitt

Facilities Coordinator

Karen Tredway, Senior Contracts Administrator
Karen Tredway

Senior Contracts Administrator

Keva Marable Blair, Director of Strategy
Keva Marable Blair

Director of Strategy

Laura Rittenhouse, Designer
Laura Rittenhouse


Linda Rochelle, Senior Creative Director
Linda Rochelle

Senior Creative Director

Marie-Estelle Pham, Junior Designer
Marie-Estelle Pham

Junior Designer

Mary Wilcox, Creative Director
Mary Wilcox

Creative Director

Melissa Parker, Content Strategist
Melissa Parker

Content Strategist

Roger Shuford, Associate Systems Administrator
Roger Shuford

Associate Systems Administrator

Sam Uder, Junior Graphic Designer
Sam Uder

Junior Designer

Scott McCumber, FSO/CSSO
Scott McCumber


Shannon Summers
Shannon Summers

Associate Strategist

Shawna Crouch, Senior Designer
Shawna Crouch

Senior Designer

Tara Love, Senior Strategist
Tara Love

Senior Strategist

Tori Peck, Designer
Tori Peck


Tricia Bateman, Director of Strategy
Tricia Bateman

Director of Strategy

Here’s a list of words.

Put them together and they say a lot. Like us.

curious / deliberate / confident / passionate / crafty / frank / professional / fun / magical / dedicated / unique / leading-edge / caffeinated /

Alaskan mountains

Part of a bigger family.

ADG digital prototype

We are part of the MIOS strategic business unit of the Chenega Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska with a global presence. Being part of that family gives us capabilities to tackle challenges of any size.

Chenega MIOS


You have to be more than just creative to work here.

Do you critique commercial marketing for fun or deconstruct the rhetorical structure of government policy arguments? Do you have a drive to take the path less traveled because there might be adventure ahead? Do you like paragraphs full of questions?

Then you should be working here.

Senior UX/UI Designer
Do you reimagine how web applications could work differently as you use them? Can you take that idea from concept, to sketch, to practical design? You could be the Senior UX/UI Designer we’re looking for. Leverage your user-centered heart with technical knowhow brain to join a team that’s creating enterprise apps that connect on a human level.
Content Strategist
Think of the best content, communications, or outreach you’ve ever seen. Is some of your own on the list? (Be honest.) Then we want you on board as a content strategist! Work with client subject matter experts with big, complex challenges to take their stories and ideas to the next level of clarity and impact. Shepherd content from concept, to draft, to publication-ready end products.
Associate Strategist
Working with clients, you’ll translate their desires into actionable (and really cool) projects. Then, you’ll get to work with other ADG creatives (designers, writers, and strategists) to bring the projects to fruition. You’ll succeed as you help our clients succeed. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
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Jr. Graphic Designer
Design is much more than selecting a font and lining up clip art—design can make the world a better, safer place. You know this, and that’s why you’re ready to take your design skills to the next level. Join our Creatives to inject deep meaning and emotion into information graphics, briefings, print and web materials, videos, animation, and so much more. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
Graphic Designer I
Ready to let your creativity explode? This position will see you creating all sorts of graphics and layouts and other awesome design assets for our clients. Your skills will grow as you complete project after project, knowing your designs are empowering the future. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
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Graphic Designer IV
Are your walls (and brain parts) filled with moodboards and storyboards? Do you enjoy using your design work to make people react, interact, and learn? Ready to share your skills as a mentor to junior designers? Then become our new Designer IV. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
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Marketing and Communications Associate
In our experience, the best marketing and communications initiatives are done with a team, where everyone pools their strengths to support the endeavor. Come join our team and you can help coordinate, support, and publicize some truly innovative marketing. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
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Senior Marketing and Communications Associate
Designing and implementing marketing communications plans are not easy. But if you find that challenge exciting and look forward to managing and reporting on all your successful campaigns, you might be just who we are looking for. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
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Senior UI/UX Engineer
Are you the type of person who looks at the world and identifies how processes, interfaces, and experiences could work better and then designs them? Been doing it a long time? If you love using research to create UI and enhance UX, then you have found your new home away from home. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
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UI/UX Engineer
Applying research and design knowledge to improve UI and UX is as much of an art as it is a skill. If you have a passion for clean, easy-to-use interfaces which provide users flawless experiences (and if you constantly strive to improve your skillful art), we want to hear from you. Active TS/SCI with FS Polygraph clearance required.
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What are you waiting for?

Here’s how you apply:

ADG is a part of Chenega MIOS, what does that mean for you as a job seeker?

Here’s how it works:

Apply for the job on the Chenega MIOS job site. All postings on this page include a direct link to the corresponding MIOS position, where you should submit your application.
First Conversations
If you’re qualified, a Chenega MIOS recruiter will reach out to you directly. (So, don’t be alarmed when you get the call or email from MIOS, not ADG.)
The Interview
Then, you’ll have an interview at ADG’s office in Columbia, MD. (Bring cookies. It won’t help your interview. We just want cookies.)
Job Offer
Finally, you’ll receive a job offer from Chenega MIOS. Congrats and welcome aboard!

All the benefits you’d expect, plus:

Fun treats served in the ADG cafe

You never know what’s going to pop up in our café. National Fluffernutter Day? Sure, why not?

Dog hard at work in the office

Bring your dog to work days. (Sorry, cats.)

ADG Team members dressed for Christmas Ugly Sweater Contest

Whatever our Work The Fun (WTF) committee can come up with.