“We need to introduce a new kind of insurance to the North American market in ways that reflect our 100 years of financial expertise, but is accessible and friendly.”

We can do that.

Euler Hermes North America: Trade credit insurance and risk management solutions for commercial clients

Insurance to be excited about.
Euler Hermes North America

Trade credit insurance isn't exactly a household topic, yet. Euler Hermes is well known to the European markets but their North American division was virtually undiscovered, especially for small businesses.

They asked ADG to introduce them to a new market and target audience (and make it exciting and easy to understand) to generate awareness around the benefits of trade credit insurance for small but growing businesses.

concept pitch

Multiple channels for maximum engagement

Identifying and understanding the behaviors and motivations of a new audience was critically important to establishing the foundational elements of all future outreach campaigns. These persona archetypes were then mapped to a series of multi-channel interactive content pieces to ensure the right message was delivered at the right time. Building upon this information the “Hustle Handbook” theme emerged and was developed into a complete digital lifecycle campaign with a series of emails, original content, blog and social media posts with visual assets, and digital display ads to educate and engage this highly targeted audience. Each piece was positioned around specific benefits of trade credit insurance in a way that was accessible and relevant. Sophistication of the message also varied and increased throughout the series as market awareness and adoption grew.

email campaign
printable postcards
facebook advertising
left: web ads / right: lead capture landing page

Changing perceptions

After introducing trade credit insurance to the small business market using thought leadership and consumable content, Euler Hermes saw a significant increase in their website traffic and engagement throughout the campaign. Psst...ADG won an ADDY award for this work.