ADG’s content marketing studio

ADG's content marketing studio uses data-driven editorial strategies to help clients think like publishers.

Yeah. We can do that.
ADG Creative is an imaginative company committed to solving the marketing problems companies can’t find solutions to anywhere else. We specialize in the hard stuff. Our talents are wide and our solutions vast.
When your company needs to revitalize or revolutionize your logo and other aspects of your company branding, we’re ready.
When you need to promote your business with printed materials, be it as small as brochures to as large as full wall exhibits, we’re here.
When you require content, from SEO-energizing blogs and social media posts to enlightening case studies and eBooks, just let us know.

If your website is failing you, confusing your users, and not converting, we can innovate its UI, electrify its UX, and ensure your web presence is as awesome as your company.

Need some moving images, animations, and video to spice up your presentations, to illuminate your greatness, or to elevate your message? We got you.

And when you come to us needing an insane combination of all of the above, you’ll make our entire team salivate.

We have a whole table full of awards to prove others think our work rocks. But more importantly, we have a long list of companies and government agencies who return with new projects and problems for us to solve. Repeat business is the best praise a company can receive.

See how ADG uses content to get results.

Euler Hermes
How we do it better

In an interview with Adweek, Sam’s Club Chief Member Officer, Tony Rogers, said, “Almost everything we work on is connected cross-functionally to multiple parts of the operation. There’s the need for somebody to be agile and have the ability to at least be conversant across different functions. Because if you come up only through one silo and you only know that silo, it becomes really difficult to apply your skillset to solve the company initiative.”

This quote is reflected at ADG in our Studio-Team model. Each of our Creatives was brought on board for having a variety of skills both in their core concentration and beyond. This allows us to form teams of overlapping talents, giving us unparalleled flexibility when moving from project to project.

These diverse talents make our collective knowledge pool vast and deep. It also keeps us abreast of new trends and innovations in our fields. Plus, each Creative brings their experiences working on past projects to new projects. Not the exact designs or proprietary data, of course, just the skills, processes, and new creative knowledge learned during the past project.

We augment our creative talent with powerful tools. Our office has a mini print center, for example, so we can confirm each file prints perfectly before a customer takes the project to a print shop. We have two filming suites, one uncleared and the second in an NSA-accredited SCIF (for the REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED projects). ADG is full of these professional-grade goodies.

Having all this talent and tools won’t bring instant results, though. That’s why our design, copy, and planning decisions are backed with data. You wouldn’t build a bridge without lots of measurements, plans, and other data. You wouldn’t use hope to keep a building from falling over (Monty Python sketch excepted). We use data to drive decisions and guide designs to ensure they are the most persuasive or entertaining or whatever else you desire them to be. We have the expertise to help brands think like publishers to reach their target audiences.

Our approach also involves asking lots of questions of you and actively listening to your answers. To figure out what you truly need and to provide that for you. To hear your voice and echo it in our work for you. We pull as much as we can from you about your company, we research your field and competition, we learn what you need to showcase in order to stand out. And then, we make your company stand out.

Why we do it better

Quite simply, we do it better for you. If you’re successful, we’re successful.

But once you’ve succeeded, the story isn’t over. We don’t just deliver your completed project and disappear. We like to stay connected and check in from time to time. We want to make sure everything we created for you is working. We want to learn the results of our combined efforts. We want to hear your success stories and triumph our partnership.

We’re also hoping everything went so well through the entire process, from first meeting to project completion and reception, that the next time you have a project, you’ll think of us. You’ll give us a call and give us your next difficult challenge. And when you’re done telling us about the new project, we’ll smile and say, “Yeah. We can do that.”

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