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Free Mobile Wallpapers for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Download these free mobile phone wallpapers as a reminder that kindness is always in style.

Make kindness the norm
Have you ever been short a few cents at the cashier and a stranger pitched in to help? Has someone ever paid you a compliment at random that just made your day? Small acts of kindness have a huge impact, and the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation believes in this so strongly, they’ve taken all sorts of steps to “Make Kindness the Norm” from Kindness Curricula to observing an official Random Acts of Kindness Day which happens to be today!

We’re setting the tone by giving out free digital goodies to brighten your day. Explore the free mobile wallpapers our creatives put together with their kindness inspirations, download your favorite to your phone, and pay it forward by passing on to a friend in need of a pick me up!

Designed by Brooke Turrell

Smiling has been shown to help boost your mood, relieve stress, and even make you live longer! Extend kindness through a smile, you never know what difference you can make. 😊

Download the free wallpaper: Give a smile, they’re free.

Designed by Christina Melito

When you help another, you cast a rainbow on their day.

Download the free wallpaper: Be the Light

Designed by Lauren Nicholson

Being kind builds positive connections and has the ability to bring the best out of us all.

Download the free wallpaper: Cool to be kind. (blue)

Download the free wallpaper: Killin’ it with kindness. (orange)


Designed by Ariana Cassard

Humans can’t be perfect, and we have to allow ourselves to feel hard things, but we also need to extend kindness to ourselves and others.

Download the free wallpaper: Human Kind – Be Both

Designed by Laura Rittenhouse

When I wake up and make the choice to lead with kindness and positivity, it is more likely to carry through in all my actions until I go to sleep.

Download the free wallpaper: Choose Kindness (blue)

Download the free wallpaper: Choose Kindness (orange)

Designed by Chelsea Jamerson

Spread kindness, not hate. Its as easy as toast-jam-eat.

Download the free wallpaper: Spread Kindness

Designed by Brooke Turrell

I find a lot of people are hardest on themselves. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, why would you say it about yourself? This is a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself—you’re doing great.

Download the free wallpaper: Be kind to your mind.

Designed by Mary Wilcox

It’s so easy to fall into a slump when it’s literally grey and dreary outside or the day’s just not going as planned. I like to remind myself in those moments to stop looking for the sunshine and simply become it. Often, others need the brightness in their day more than we could have ever imagined.

Download the free wallpaper: Be the sunshine

Designed by Chelsea Jamerson
Designed by Christina Melito

Random acts of kindness fill us with happiness. They give us all the feels. Pass it on.

Download the free wallpaper: Kindness Bubbles

Designed by Bekah Walsh

My favorite musical Come From Away tells the true story of thousands of people stranded in Canada and the locals who took them in. The ripple effect was so profound, one recipient of kindness began a Pay it Forward charity to keep the momentum going. This is what always comes to mind first when I think of kindness.

Download the free wallpaper: Pay it Forward

Download the free wallpaper: What the World Needs More of Today

Designed by Chelsea Jamerson
Designed by Laura Rittenhouse

A random act of kindness can make someone’s day bloom.

Download the free wallpaper: Be Kind (blue)

Download the free wallpaper: Be Kind (orange)

Designed by Brooke Turrell

This was a nod back to the Blockbuster days. It reminds me that there are always small things we can do to be kind and help someone else out. Sometimes being kind can be as simple as rewinding a VHS or putting your grocery cart away.

Download the free wallpaper: Be Kind. Rewind.

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