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Be intentional with internal communications to unite your team

Even as some companies return to their workspaces, many employees will remain out of the office. Internal communications can unite your employees.

Going forward, many work models will change. Don’t lose focus on your internal communications.

Even as some companies are returning to their workspaces, their interactions will be impacted by physical distancing policies and extended virtual work models. And there will still be many employees who remain out of the office due to childcare needs or health concerns.

Here are 10 tips to keep your internal communications uniting your employees, no matter how much distance is between them:

  1. Everyone has current events in the back of their mind. Be respectful of this.
  2. Communicate routinely, purposefully, and sincerely. A simple “just wanted to make sure you are okay” message can mean a lot.
  3. Continue all regularly scheduled communications. If, for example, company-wide newsletters are emailed every Thursday, make sure they continue. Don’t have an internal communications schedule? Start one. Giving your employees something routine to expect continues the group rhythm of an office setting—important for when your workforce is distributed.
  4. Review your communications before sending to make sure you are passing on exactly the message you intend. Be clear, concise, and caring.
  5. Keep your employees updated with the latest company news and policies, and important industry information.
  6. Research and adopt new technology to unite your employees. Each technology serves a different communication need. Many different tools (from chat messaging to video conferencing) are easily available online.
  7. Create channels for employees to communicate freely with other employees, singularly and in their normal teams. If you have Microsoft 365, you might already have access to Team. Slack is also a very popular channel platform. Whatever you choose, be deliberate in setting an example by using it.
  8. Focus on group goals and successes, while always celebrating individual successes (no matter how small). Even if the success is something as trivial as Bob’s dog not barking on the latest video chat, boost any available positivity.
  9. Remind your employees how valuable they are and how appreciative you are of their hard work and teamwork.
  10. Be honest. Be hopeful. Be human. Communicate to bring your employees together.


Being intentional will help you create an authentic and rewarding team culture. And tone starts at the top, so try to make these ten tips your roadmap for internal communications as we venture into whatever works looks like in the future.

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