"We need to communicate not only the value, but dire need, for enhanced collaboration towards identifying, preventing, and mitigating risks to our nation’s critical infrastructure."

We can do that.

Analysis and Resilience Center for Systemic Risk: Supporting the collective resilience of our national and economic security

Analysis and Resilience Center for Systemic Risk
Critical Awareness for Critical Infrastructure.

The Analysis and Resilience Center for Systemic Risk (ARC), formerly The Financial Systemic Analysis and Resilience Center (FSARC), has a long history in strengthening the resilience of the US financial sector. As cyber threats evolved in number and sophistication, the organization knew that it, too, must evolve to better prevent and mitigate the impact of these potential events.

FSARC realized the need to broaden collaboration with other lifeline infrastructure sectors to enhance and uphold the integrity of the critical systems and functions we rely on to maintain our way of life. As part of an initiative to rebrand as the ARC, ADG was asked to revitalize the visual brand, as well as partner with the internal marketing team to communicate across print and digital deliverables the importance of responsible information sharing among members as well as public-private coordination.

the FSARC logo served as a transitional baseline to the new ARC mark

An evolutionary approach

The visual rebrand needed to both reassure current members that the organization would continue to support them in the ways they had relied upon in the past as well as speak to a wider audience with an enhanced value proposition. ADG presented logo options that built on the current mark while bringing new concepts to the forefront. The new mark keeps the original five flags, but reorients them into a literal arc shape to imply a safeguard—conveying progress through motion and accountability through proactive engagement for each member, sector, and the Nation.

preliminary logo exploration
conceptual brand collateral

Fluid mission, fluid design

The new brand needed to feel established, trustworthy, and confident, but also agile and responsive. ADG chose gradients of blues that communicate both financial stability and cyber progression to wholly encompass ARC’s mission. The logomark became a key point of visual inspiration—a ribbon of resilience that flows throughout the design pieces, creating a dynamic and engaging appeal while echoing the actionable solutions that ARC offers to benefit critical infrastructure sectors. Overall, the intended aesthetic is bright and uplifting while still providing a nod to the serious nature of what is at stake.

The ARC logo transforms into a focal point of the brand aesthetic

Persistent Agility

ADG created a range of branded materials including initiative updates to members and government entities, briefing templates, board member meeting support, infographics, and a new website experience. ARC is engaged with ADG for ongoing support, and we regularly coordinate with their internal stakeholders and communications team to ensure alignment towards their current organizational goals. Raegan Bartlo, ARC’s Communications Director, commented, “I realize things once the words go to layout. We may need to shift our messaging or reemphasize the main idea. That’s why we’re such a fabulous team together—we collaborate well to deliver effective solutions.”

print collateral and mobile website
ARC website homepage
ARC website interior pages

ADG received recognition though a Silver ADDY award from AAF Baltimore for the ARC website design.